History of Plush Toys

cute plushies by coconut chibi d55wpwy 300x213 History of Plush ToysPlush Toys or plushies are one of the most popular toys among children. Plushies are also known as stuffed toys are made from all sorts of materials like beans, cotton, synthetic fibers and even plastic pellets. Plush toys are made to give children some sort of comfort and excitement. During the early times, plush toys are often made from actual animal skins.

Plush toys or plushies go way back in 1830’s where it was still made from buttons, worn out clothing and then sewed together. It was not until in 1880 where Margarete Steiff founded the company that officially made the first stuff toy.


1316581684263297 History of Plush ToysMargarete Steiff was trained as a seamstress since she was paralyzed and could not walk. She used to work for her sister’s company making clothes and then became a toy maker by accident. Margarete made an elephant shaped stuffed pincushion that looked like a  stuffed animal which was aimed to be a gift for her friends and family. She saw some of the kids enjoy playing with what she made and decided to sell some of the ones she created. She was also surprised on how well the plush toys were sold compared to clothes. This gave birth to Steiff Company which was the first commercial maker of stuff toys.

The company sold over 5000 elephants and other designed animals in just a period of 6 years. It was so popular that the company even sold it overseas. It was not later on that the stuffed elephant was replaced by the Teddy Bear which is one of the most popular plush toys today.

Plushies have been around for so long and its materials change every now and then. There are also some additional designs that most kids as well as adults enjoy. No matter what material or what design the plushie has, its main purpose is to provide comfort and a sense of security whether it is for children or adults.